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As if it couldn’t get any worse… January 26, 2007

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my husband didn’t pass his module 4 exam for CASB (to get his CA).  We’re sad and bummed.  But life does go on…


It just hurts… January 5, 2007

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For reasons I won’t mention here – I’m sad and I feel like a failure.  Maybe a break and some space will be good?  Chad says the time off will be good – I guess I have to take his word for it.  But am I really that unobjective?  I know I’m emotional, always have, always will be, but I try very hard to distance myself from my emotions when I need to.  It must be true – I’m too emotional – more than one person thinks so.  I tried so hard to fit in, to do the right thing.  Maybe I tried too hard?   Just had to get my feelings out – my hurt, my frustration, that feeling of loss, the shame.  I’ll be okay, I know, but in the meantime it just hurts. 


Stuff April 6, 2006

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Just checking in. I was supposed to work today but was going to be moved over to another unit. The girls on my unit called to give me a heads up and to give me a chance to call in sick if I wanted. So I did. hehe Honestly I don’t feel bad – I don’t work on psych anymore for a reason and I’m sick of being pulled over there. I had to go there last week too. And honestly after the day I had at work yesterday I’m not too sad to stay home, but honestly it’s pretty annoying that I can’t work on the unit I want to work on. I have thought about pulling my name from the casual list on psych but I like working there when I want to not when I am told to.

We’re putting a new roof on our house and it will extend over our deck so I have to go get the permit for that today. Kind of convienient that it worked out that I have the day off so I can run around and do this stuff so my husband doesn’t have to since it’s tax season there isn’t much free time on his part.


Tara Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest March 31, 2006

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Okay so yeah I ended up working on psych. It was fine, mindnumbingly quiet, but fine. But you know it was just the cherry on top of my shitty ass day.

Thank the good Lord it’s “Bitchfest” tomorrow at Starbucks. 🙂


Bad day already March 30, 2006

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Shitty day already and I haven’t even been up an hour. I am exhausted, got woken up by the phone. It was my husband and we had a stupid fight. Things are worked out, I think, but I’m still feeling like crap about it. We have no groceries and I have no idea what I am going to have for lunch or take with me to eat at work for supper. So even better, I get this phone call from the staffing office at work saying that psych (where I once worked) is super short and the unit that is my home unit has some extras and so I might have to go work on psych tonight. Fuck…jeez I knew I shouldn’t have answered the phone.