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Just Wanna Blog?? January 19, 2008

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I am alive I promise August 3, 2006

Man, I am the worst blogger on the planet, I’m sure. Not much has been going on this summer for Chad and I. We put a new roof and deck covering on our house. It was well worth all the hard work from Chad, his dad, step dad, and uncle. It’s so nice to sit out on the deck when it’s raining or really hot (as the roof eases the heat). This week Chad installed some out door speakers on the deck…wow, those are cool.
We spent a week with Chad’s dad and step mom camping in B.C. We went white water rafting on the Kicking Horse River near Golden. For all of you who haven’t gone white water rafting go. I am serious. It was so fun, so exhilarating and something I would do again. I highly recommend the company Wet ‘N Wild and the Kicking Horse River, but whereever you are go!! Now, believe it or not we had a blast with Garth and Denise (mainly because they have ac in their 5th wheel – just kidding).
We’re now back to work and plugging along. The summer is just flying by and faster than we realize fall will be here.
Not much new news to report on Brandon and the benefit except that they are also having a show and shine as part of the benefit now. As always if you can help in any way please let me know.
~Tara May


Writers’ Block April 25, 2006

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I really wish I could be a great writer. Not that I want to win the Nobel Prize or anything but I just wish I could be witty and funny and real. I wish I could let the words flow from my head into my fingers and then let my fingers do the work. I don’t know why I get such a block. Possibly because at work I write the absolute necessities on my patients’ charts. No frills, nothing funny, just the facts. I’ve never been much of a journaller although I love journals – opening up a fresh notebook and writing on that first page. Don’t get me started on pens. 😉 It’s just the writing part that gets me stumped. Writing from my heart in a way that people will be interested. I mean, that’s the whole point of a place like this right? Writing for myself but also for others. I find it a challenge to write the words in my head. It sounds so good in my head but the minute I want to transfer those words from my head the words get all garbled. Damn it’s frustrating. Practice makes perfect, maybe…