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Stuff April 6, 2006

Filed under: Home Improvements,Shitty Days,Stupid Work — taramayrn @ 6:53 am

Just checking in. I was supposed to work today but was going to be moved over to another unit. The girls on my unit called to give me a heads up and to give me a chance to call in sick if I wanted. So I did. hehe Honestly I don’t feel bad – I don’t work on psych anymore for a reason and I’m sick of being pulled over there. I had to go there last week too. And honestly after the day I had at work yesterday I’m not too sad to stay home, but honestly it’s pretty annoying that I can’t work on the unit I want to work on. I have thought about pulling my name from the casual list on psych but I like working there when I want to not when I am told to.

We’re putting a new roof on our house and it will extend over our deck so I have to go get the permit for that today. Kind of convienient that it worked out that I have the day off so I can run around and do this stuff so my husband doesn’t have to since it’s tax season there isn’t much free time on his part.


2 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Hey, Tara, who is Anne’s Pretzel blahblahblah?

  2. taramayrn Says:

    Jenna…that’s Anne from the forums. Tigger something or other.

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