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This is one crazy journey.

The Truck Rocks, etc. March 30, 2006

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So, the truck rocks. Love it! Now I want a new vehicle….wahhhhhh!!

We picked up the wedding pictures we had professionally framed. They turned out beautiful. Oh I love them and can’t wait to hang them. The framer did such a good job and I’m so glad we got them done, even if it did cost us a two arms and a leg. 😉

Well I just got home from work – it was painfully slow. I’m not complaining because it’s been so busy lately, but it was really slow.

I just stuffed myself with a Wendy’s Mandrin Chicken Salad – yum and am just waiting for the forums to open back up again after the nightly maintenance.


New Truck Tuesday March 28, 2006

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Today’s the day…


Are we there yet? March 24, 2006

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Anyways my husband’s car needs some major repairs that will cost $2000 – yikes!! So we’ve decided that it isn’t worth it to fix the car and so we have decided to sell it and buy a new one.

He calls me this afternoon from the Toyota dealership…lol. He’s out test driving a Tacoma and the dealership is looking over his car to see how much they will give him on a trade in. So they’ll give him $4000 for his car, which is great since we was going to ask $4500 if he sold it himself.

So he comes over with this truck. It’s very nice, very tempting, all shiny and new – and fact of the matter is we do need it. I know we need it, but why is it so scary? Why am I freaking out?! We will be able to make the payments – no doubt of that. We need it – no doubt of that. Why?? This isn’t our first major purchase. We own our own home and bring home relatively decent pay cheques and we live a comfortable life. We aren’t rich but we don’t want for anything either. That’s why I’m struggling with my feelings of fear.

Why? For the first time we had to consider if a car seat would fit in the back for our future children. BTW – no we aren’t pregnant and won’t be for a year and a half.
Maybe it’s that this truck is just the starting point for the rest of our lives…