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This is one crazy journey.

Yep It’s True…. June 21, 2008

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I am a sucky blogger.  LOL, seriously.  This baby and the weekly updates I was going to provide on my blog have not happened.  Not that I don’t have alot of exciting news to report, I do, but I suppose that once a bad blogger always a bad blogger.  Can a bad blogger every change? 

Okay so we are going into the 15th week of pregnancy and I am finally fitting into my pregnancy clothes.  Well except for this one pair of jeans I have.  I truly believe that no matter how big my belly gets these pants will continue to slip down my hips.  Do you know how irritating it is to have to pull your pants up every 2 minutes?  Honestly every 2 minutes.  It is not that fun people.  I promise. 

I have developed quite a “cute” little belly and according to some sweet coworkers, if they didn’t know I was pregnant and saw me walking down the hallway from behind they wouldn’t know.  🙂  I did have one patient’s mother tell me my butt was getting bigger – gee thanks lady.  But in all honesty I haven’t gained any weight, which makes me super happy since I was a tad heavier to start with than I would have liked.  My mom keeps telling me my weight has redistributed itself.  So readers, I know there are a few of you, please keep your fingers crossed that I all of a sudden don’t gain 10 lbs over night or some fool thing.  I’d be happy with gaining less than 20 lbs. but we’ll see.  Just have to do my best to not pig out and keep walking.

Most of you know I work 2 jobs – my “real” nursing job and my parttime job at the local Girl Guide store.  All I can say is that I am so happy the store is closing next week and I won’t have to devote at least 2 days a week to coming here.  Now, don’t get me wrong I like this job.  It’s mindless and has given me a bit more money to pay off my student loans – which are now paid off, thank you very much – but you know?  I’m tired, I want a day off.  I will help them out in the fall since that’s really the busiest time of year, but after the end of September that’s it.

My lovely husband and mother bought me a serger for my birthday.  I have a sewing machine that I have used a few times – I made a pair of jammies for myself at a class and hope to make Chad some for his birthday – oh, that’s coming up I better get started.  I think that with some practice I’ve got some good skills.  It’s just like everything else in my life, I have to make time for it.  So, anyways, back to the serger.  My mom got one a few months before I did and so she registered us for a class.  We took that on Thursday.  It was great and let me tell you this serger is a fine thing.  So when we found out we were pregnant my mom who really doesn’t need an excuse to buy fabric or yarn, bought a ton (almost literally I’m sure) of flannellette to make baby things.  So after I’m done work at the store this afternoon I’m going to go over to her house and we’re going to get organized and hopefully make some cute receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc.  I have some really cute ladybug flannel that I’ve had for about 2 years now.  I don’t know what I want to do with it – do I want to just make some receiving blankets and burp cloths or do I want to make a quilt?  I would love to make a quilt but bigger projects scare me.  We’ll see what my mom says.  Oh darn, I should have brought my camera with me to take pics of the finished products.  I’ll just use my mom’s camera so I can share with you all.

Anyways I think that’s about it….I promise I’ll be back next week sometime.


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