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Busy Summer October 5, 2007

Chad and I had a pretty busy summer and so I thought I should update everyone on what we did.

The beginning of June we spent a week camping at Goldeye Lake.  It was really peaceful and relaxing.  We spent most of the time just the three of us – Chad, myself and our dog Aspen.  I love our tent trailer – it’s still “rustic”, but it’s much better than sleeping on the ground.  Plus there’s a furnace, which makes me so excited since I freeze my butt off most nights even when it’s super hot out.  Our friends Sif and Cam joined us for the weekend and we spent some quality time with them around the campfire in the evenings and hiking during the day.  I’m still bummed Chad wouldn’t let me take the mine tour in Nordegg. 

For our two year anniversary we decided to spend the day in Calgary having fun.  We went to the Calgary Zoo and took about a million pictures I’m sure.  We then enjoyed an always yummy supper at Red Lobster and some shopping.  It was a great day, aside from the near miss with the bird on the highway home.

We have been contemplating painting our house since before we moved in.  We live in a mobile home, hence the ever stylish wood panelling and the even more stylish orange carpet.  The carpet’s only saving grace was the fact that it wasn’t shag, but still that didn’t mean I liked it.  So, we’ve wanted to paint for years now and I was really getting sick of the carpet.  So, we finally bit the bullet and started painting and ripping out carpet the end of July.  We got the master bedroom, the hallway and the two spare bedrooms painted that first weekend.  We also got the carpet ripped out and replaced a part of the subfloor in the bedroom which had some water damage.  We decided we wanted to lay laminate flooring.  One word of advice – do not listen to the salesman when he tells you “all you have to do is lay and click it together”.  Uh, yeah, no – not that easy.  I mean, certainly it’s a do it yourself kind of project but involves much more than laying and clicking.  So, Chad got our master bedroom floor laid before I headed off to a week long Girl Guide Camp.

So, camp for a week with eight 10 year olds.  I will admit I had fun, lots of fun.  The camp was very well organized and the kids had a blast.  I’m afraid though that seven days with said 10 year olds is just too much.  The kids just couldn’t handle the early mornings and the late nights.   We did well, with only a few meltdowns, nothing an early bedtime one night wouldn’t cure.

So, finally this week we finished the renos.   All I can say is “Praise the Lord”!!  I honestly do mean “Praise the Lord!”  We painted the living room and got the floor laid.  It looks great.  Really great.  I’m so happy.  Now the search for new living room furniture begins.  We’re debating going to a store in Edmonton today for, what appears to be, a great sale.  The only problem is you can’t take your purchases with you when you buy, unless you buy a floor model.  You have to wait 4 to 5 days to pick it up.  We really do not like the idea of having to go back to Edmonton next week to pick up the furniture.  We’ll see, Chad isn’t home from work yet, the store’s only open until 6 and it’s an hour and a half drive up to Edmonton.

Oh, I forgot to mention the great deal we got on three area rugs.  We bought three fabulous area rugs for $200 on sale.  Regular price was over $2000.  Can you say “steal of a deal”? 

I almost forgot – this September long weekend brought a short visit from my eldest brother Graeme.  It was so good to see him and spend time with him.  I only wish his wife and son came as well, and that we didn’t live so far away from each other.  Hopefully the new year will be a good time for Chad and I to go out and visit them.

My second eldest brother Brendon was very ill this summer and so that was a stressful time for all of us.  I’m happy to report he’s back to his healthy self and I’m not so stressed and worried about my big brother anymore.   All is well….

Anyways, this week I started a new rotation at work.  It involves alot more long stretches at work, but then I get two four day weekends per month rather than the one that I had in my old rotation.

Chad is just finishing up his Module 4 for CASB and will write his exam next weekend.  Please pray for him.  Working full time and doing CASB full time is really starting to wear on him and I can see the strain it’s taking on his mental health.

 This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and I have to work although we are going to my mom’s for supper on Sunday.  I can’t wait to have a yummy turkey dinner. 

So, there you go.  You’re all caught up now.  Leave me a comment and let me know you’ve stopped by to read.


Stuff April 6, 2006

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Just checking in. I was supposed to work today but was going to be moved over to another unit. The girls on my unit called to give me a heads up and to give me a chance to call in sick if I wanted. So I did. hehe Honestly I don’t feel bad – I don’t work on psych anymore for a reason and I’m sick of being pulled over there. I had to go there last week too. And honestly after the day I had at work yesterday I’m not too sad to stay home, but honestly it’s pretty annoying that I can’t work on the unit I want to work on. I have thought about pulling my name from the casual list on psych but I like working there when I want to not when I am told to.

We’re putting a new roof on our house and it will extend over our deck so I have to go get the permit for that today. Kind of convienient that it worked out that I have the day off so I can run around and do this stuff so my husband doesn’t have to since it’s tax season there isn’t much free time on his part.


Tara Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest March 31, 2006

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Okay so yeah I ended up working on psych. It was fine, mindnumbingly quiet, but fine. But you know it was just the cherry on top of my shitty ass day.

Thank the good Lord it’s “Bitchfest” tomorrow at Starbucks. 🙂


Bad day already March 30, 2006

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Shitty day already and I haven’t even been up an hour. I am exhausted, got woken up by the phone. It was my husband and we had a stupid fight. Things are worked out, I think, but I’m still feeling like crap about it. We have no groceries and I have no idea what I am going to have for lunch or take with me to eat at work for supper. So even better, I get this phone call from the staffing office at work saying that psych (where I once worked) is super short and the unit that is my home unit has some extras and so I might have to go work on psych tonight. Fuck…jeez I knew I shouldn’t have answered the phone.


Straight to Hell March 24, 2006

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I just got off work and I’m sure I’m going straight to hell for telling a lie to an old confused lady. But seriously I was going to admit myself to the psych ward if I had to listen to her asking where the train her husband was on was one more time. Yep, straight to hell.