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This is one crazy journey.

Week 11 Update May 27, 2008

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So the little nugget turned 11 weeks old on Sunday.  According to my bible for the next 29 weeks, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, the little nugget is just over 2 inches long and weighs about a third of an ounce.  The book also tells me my uterus is just over the size of a grapefruit – hmm, interesting.  Little nugget’s hair follicles are starting to form as are “it’s” finger and toe nails. 

I just think it’s so amazing how all this development works, the body is amazing.

Physically I’m exhausted –  I just can’t get enough sleep.  We have a wedding to attend this coming weekend and I’ve got the joy of trying to find something to wear.  Wish me luck. 


Week 10 Update – a Week Late

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I know, I am a week late in this update.  I’m really sucky at this weekly update thingy.  Don’t know why, but oh well….

Anyways, week 10 came and went with out any real incidence.  I was exhausted, but the nausea from week 8 has gone.

I went shopping with my mom for some maternity clothes.  I got alot of great deals which I am stoked about.  The problem now – my regular clothes are too small but the maternity clothes are too big. 

Akkk, what’s a girl to do?!


Week 9 May 15, 2008

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As we’re in the middle of week 9 I thought it would be time for an update.  The world, well most of the world, knows we are expecting and everyone is so happy for us.  My husband still has to tell his dad and step mom.  I’m not sure why he’s putting it off.  He was out at the farm last night and didn’t tell them.  Oh well.  The nausea I experienced in week 8 has mostly gone away.  Although this week I am just exhausted.  I can’t get enough sleep. 



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I thought I should post an update on the article in which I was misquoted – actually not even misquoted since the whole article has me saying things I never said.   I emailed the news editor and I have yet to hear back.  The newspaper this article was printed in is a free newspaper, so I suppose my complaints aren’t overly important since people aren’t paying for the paper.



The Article May 9, 2008

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doc11  Click on the doc11 to the left there and it should open.  If it doesn’t work for you leave me a comment and I’ll type it up later.



So Mad I Could Spit

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So I was interviewed over the phone by a practicum journalism student for a newspaper article on Birthmother’s Day. I get an email today with the article. This girl has quoted me saying things I have never thought let alone said. When I was finished reading the article I was just shaking in anger. These things I would have never said let alone think. I’m going to post the article for you all to read in a seperate post. Please remember I never said any of these things. I emailed the news editor at the newspaper to let him know.


Giveaway…. May 7, 2008

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Thanksgivingmom is having a giveaway. Check it out.