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17 Weeks – Here We Come… July 6, 2008

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So today the little nugget (just realized now I never officially announced the “winner” of the name game) turns 17 weeks.  The time is just flying by, I know December will be here sooner than we know it. 

We’ve been doing some talking on some tough issues we need to make before Little Nugget makes his/her appearance.  Mainly – who will take babe if something should happen to us.  Man, I tell you, we know ALOT of people and are friends with great people, but it’s so different when you are thinking of them in terms of how they will raise your child.  Tough….

No word from my sister and news of her husband – I should probably call her.  He was to have a parole hearing a few weeks ago to decide his fate.

Hubby has been away this weekend at a course for work.  He’s been staying with our birthson’s dad.  It sounds like they’ve spent some good time together.  This year I have been amazed at the growth in our relationship.  The comfort and feeling of relaxation that comes over me when I think of the relationship and how it’s evolved over the years just blows my mind.  It’s so wonderful.


One Response to “17 Weeks – Here We Come…”

  1. lexismomtoo Says:

    SO sorry to hear the news about your sister and her family. But SO happy to hear how things have grown with T’s family.
    17 weeks already – wow! Time is flying by… grandaughter is already 7 weeks old!

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