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The Article May 9, 2008

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9 Responses to “The Article”

  1. Jensboys Says:

    Tara – I cant really read the article but I am SO sorry that happened to you. Its happened to me twice. Again … it sucks. I hope you get an explanation and an apoligy.

  2. zxczxcasdasd Says:

    I would be furious. I hope that editor prints a retraction and that journalism student gets an earful.

  3. thanksgivingmom Says:

    I haven’t read the article (on my roomie’s Mac) but I am so outraged for you. Have you heard anything back from the editor?

  4. Caro Says:

    Tara, was this in the Advocate? We need to all write letters to the editor about how poorly and inaccurately this was written! This doesn’t sound like you at all.

    Also, Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂 I figured this would be the best place to pass on my greetings.

  5. taramayrn Says:

    Caro – this was printed in a free newspaper put out by the Calgary Sun.

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes!

  6. brown325 Says:

    I did not see, but I’m sure that you were more than responsible with your comments, as you always are 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed mom’s day!

  7. oceans64 Says:

    Oh… Good Grief Tara!! I am so sorry.

    I loved the fact that Birthmother’s Day is about celebrating the healthy lives our children now lead… and Yes, we should be grateful to Agencies (!!??) for declaring a day for us….

    Uggghhhh… I’m glad you called the editor.

  8. zxczxcasdasd Says:

    I’m wondering what the follow up was to your phone call.

  9. […] Filed under: Uncategorized — taramayrn @ 9:48 am I thought I should post an update on the article in which I was misquoted – actually not even misquoted since the whole article has me saying things […]

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