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Update for Weeks 7 and 8 May 7, 2008

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I just realized that I didn’t post an update for week 7. Week 7 came and went without any real issues or problems.
Week 8 though, is another story. I am nauseated most of the day. I am good if my stomach is full, but if I start to get hungry I start to get nauseated. The problem with that is that when I get nauseated there is a very limited amount of foods that sound somewhat appealing to me. I sure hope this is gone by the time week 9 comes around.


One Response to “Update for Weeks 7 and 8”

  1. zxczxcasdasd Says:

    I’m glad things are still going well. šŸ™‚ Nausea is the worst. ;-p

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