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I’m a Reading Machine April 15, 2008

Filed under: Baby Nielsen,Books — taramayrn @ 11:41 pm

So yesterday I had the doctor’s appointment to confirm I am pregnant and he tells me my due date is December 20th – pretty close to what I had thought.  So a Christmas baby it will be.   My mom reminded me today that my uncle’s birthday is the 20th. 

So I got a schwack (is that even a word?) load of reading material from the doctor, plus this cool little thingy (again is that even a word?) to hang on my fridge so I can keep track of how many veggies or milk products I’ve eaten per day.  Rather handy if you ask me.

I also bought the quintessential pregnancy book – “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, as well as “What to Expect in the First Year”.  What can I say I’m a book nerd. 

There’s an early prenatal class we’re considering taking.  It discusses emotional and physical changes in pregnancy, lifestyle choices, etc.  So we’ll see what hubby wants to do about that.  For me I just read that stuff in the books I’ve bought, but he isn’t a big reader so it might be benefitial for him to hear the information rather than have to read it.

The bloating continues as does the fatigue.  


2 Responses to “I’m a Reading Machine”

  1. Kareena Says:

    congrats sweetie! I’m so excited for you two! your baby is so lucky to have such a great mommy and daddy!

  2. taramayrn Says:

    Thanks so much hon. I’m trying to keep my news on the downlow in real life until I’m 12 weeks. So let’s keep this our little secret okay? ;o)

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