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Flakey Guide Mom Saga Part 2 January 22, 2007

Filed under: Girl Guides — taramayrn @ 4:59 pm

See the post below for full story.  Today said mom left a message on my phone saying she got the letter, etc I dropped off there yesterday.  She then had about 2 excuses as to why she wasn’t around on the weekend – sob sob cry me a river.  Then she says that last time her and her daughter talked her daughter said she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay in Guides!  WTF??!!!  Where did this come from?  Is this a ploy by mom to avoid paying?  So, she says she will talk to her daughter again tonight when she is home from school and she will let me know tonight after 3:15.  So it’s now 5 and no phone call.  Suprise suprise. 

Stay tuned for further installments of this saga.


2 Responses to “Flakey Guide Mom Saga Part 2”

  1. imtina Says:

    I definitely would let her know that regardless of her daughter’s desires that she is obligated to pay all those fees. That is awful! I take care of kids on my street and have become the ‘go to’ house and this ends up meaning that people just kind of drop their kids off while they go run errands. NICE! Is it reciprocal? No. Anyway, I’m appalled with people who behave that way. Ultimately though, she’s living in that kind of chaos and that must be awful.

  2. Nerita Says:

    Good for people to know.

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