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Flakey Guide Mom Saga Part 1 January 22, 2007

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 Most of you know this, but if you don’t – I’m a Girl Guide leader.  I have been in Guiding all my life – just received my 20 year membership pin.  I also grew up in a “Guiding” family.  It was a given that I’d be involved as an adult…it’s in my blood.  I enjoy mentoring the girls, seeing their faces light up when they learn a new skill or accomplish something they didn’t think they could.  I enjoy the other leaders – some of my best friends.  I enjoy giving back.  I volunteer my time, I don’t get paid.  That’s okay because 99% of the time I love what I do as a Girl Guide leader.  The other 1% not so  much fun.

So, I have this girl in my group.  New to Guides.  Great kid, lots of fun, lots of potential.  Except her mom’s a flake.   Our registration fees for Girl Guides are $75.00/year.  Totally reasonable, I mean Scouting charges at least $150.00.  So she’s getting a steal of a deal, especially considering she still hasn’t paid the fees, yet her kid is still participating in all the activities.  Nice eh? 

So, I’ve done my duty and given her information on a payment plan or Member’s Assistance (where the district will pay her kid’s fees) – nope refused them.  Told me after Christmas she could pay them.  Okay, fine, I believe her.  I’m too nice I suppose.

Oh, I forgot to mention she also has 3 cases of Girl Guide cookies she hasn’t returned (so that’s $144.00) and her kid is signed up to go on this huge camp I’m taking a group of girls to.  The camp fees for that are $200 but the deposit of $50 was due in October.  Still haven’t received them yet either.

So, I call her a few days ago telling her I absolutely need the money and cookies by Friday.   Oh no problem she says, yeah we get paid that day.  So she is to call me that day so I can come pick the stuff up.  I’m not even asking her to drive to my house, which if I were smart I would have made her done.  Why waste my time!?  Anyways, I get a sob story later in the day about how her hubby can’t leave work and he has the money, but for sure the next day we’ll get together.  Okay, so me, Mrs. Nice Leader, gave her another chance.  Well, as you can guess Saturday came and went with no word from her.  I call many times – no answer, no answering machine.  Nice….

 Gee, thanks for taking advantage of an organization that runs off volunteer hours, etc.  So, my district commissioner and I wrote up a letter to her last night and I’ve dropped it off to her yesterday evening.  Essentially if she doesn’t pay by the end of the month or accept Member’s Assistance her kid’s out. 

Why is it that I feel like the bad guy though?  Clearly she is taking advantage of my good will and my generousity, even if it isn’t intentional.  So really I shouldn’t feel bad for laying the smack down.  But I do.  I feel bad for her daughter, she’s being punished because her mom’s a flake.  I’m hoping though that this letter will open her eyes.  I hope so anyways.  I wonder if she will come to the meeting tonight and if she’ll say anything about it to me.  I wonder what the excuse will be this time.

I just don’t understand some people.  I mean if that were me in her shoes I’d be so worried about paying the fees and returning the unsold cookies (I’m not even asking her to sell all of them).  If I knew my child really enjoyed an activity would I jeopardize that for my child?  Hell no!!  I suppose she doesn’t really realize how serious this situation is and how serious we are.  No payment= No Guides.

Did I ever tell you I hate being the bad guy?! 


One Response to “Flakey Guide Mom Saga Part 1”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    Your not the bad person here Tara! This mother should know better ~ especially after all this time ~ and stop putting you in this situation.

    Good luck

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