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The Truck Rocks, etc. March 30, 2006

Filed under: New Truck — taramayrn @ 12:44 am

So, the truck rocks. Love it! Now I want a new vehicle….wahhhhhh!!

We picked up the wedding pictures we had professionally framed. They turned out beautiful. Oh I love them and can’t wait to hang them. The framer did such a good job and I’m so glad we got them done, even if it did cost us a two arms and a leg. 😉

Well I just got home from work – it was painfully slow. I’m not complaining because it’s been so busy lately, but it was really slow.

I just stuffed myself with a Wendy’s Mandrin Chicken Salad – yum and am just waiting for the forums to open back up again after the nightly maintenance.


2 Responses to “The Truck Rocks, etc.”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    If our wedding pictures were HALF as nice as your’s were……..

    Did you enlarge the one of the two of you standing near the bridge? I so love that one!

  2. taramayrn Says:

    Hey Roxanne…thanks so much. I’m not sure which one you mean, the majority of our pictures are of us on the bridge. 🙂

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