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Hi my name is Tara and I’m a… March 7, 2006

Filed under: Introductions — taramayrn @ 12:40 am

Hmm where do I start?!  I’m a Registered Nurse, newlywed, birthmother, knitter, reader, Girl Guide leader and so much more.  I hope to entertain you with all the dysfunction of my crazy life.  Thanks for stopping by.


10 Responses to “Hi my name is Tara and I’m a…”

  1. Jenna Says:

    You’re a Girl Guide leader? Hush. You’re awesome. 🙂

  2. taramayrn Says:

    Hey Jenna, you betcha. I have been in girl guides all my life and mostly love it but volunteering can be draining. I’m sure I’ll write about it tomorrow night as I have a big meeting with all the leaders and I usually leave feeling frustrated and used.

  3. Anne Says:

    Hey, Tara,

    Love your blog, it’s pretty cool :).

  4. taramayrn Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Anne!

  5. Christine Says:

    Tara also eats good food! Mostly when I am hugry for it and cant have it. Welcome to blog universe. Do us proud!

  6. taramayrn Says:

    Thanks for stopping by you guys!

  7. Shell Says:

    Hey Tara! Your blog has a great look! I will look forward to stopping in here. Love you, Tara.


  8. Roxanne Says:

    I LOVE the look of your Blog as well Tara!! Great job!

    I am on my way to look around some more.

    Love ya too gurl!

  9. Anne (mumoftwo) Says:

    Tara, just noticed that you have a blog…great job. You go girl.


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